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Song Engineer - app for song auto-composition
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Song Engineer is an app for songs auto-composition. Just press COMPOSE and you have a new song. You can listen to songs and save them as midi file. The app can provide you with song ideas that you can develop and enhance.

How to use:
1. Press COMPOSE
2. The song is composed.
3. Press PLAY to listen to the song. You can change song tempo.
4. Press SAVE to save the song in midi format. Song is saved in [sdcard]/SongEngineer folder.

The song structure in lite app version is - VERSE - CHORUS - VERSE - CHORUS - BRIDGE - CHORUS - OUTRO. In lite version you can not change the song elements tonality and scale choice. Check full version of the app for more features and controls.

Download Song Engineer Lite on Google play

Download Song Engineer on Google play
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