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G-NetWorld is an experimental webservice for G-NetTrack and G-NetWorld users on Android OS to share and upload their measurements and to be able to browse them online.

The measurements are uploaded:
- online - by starting G-NetWorld or by allowing it in G-NetTrack - Menu - Settings - G-NetWorld - Send Measurements Online (requires internet connection)
- offline - by uploading a file manually from the G-NetTrack (Menu-More-Upload File) or going to upload page

How to use:
1. Select operator MCC and MNC.
2. Optionally select Technology (2G/3G/4G), LAC, Node and Cellid. If you leave the fields blank it will check for all values. You can use wildcards - "%" for several characters and "_" for one character.
3. Select a time in order to see the measurements only for the specific time interval. The dates should be in format DD.MM.YYYY. If you leave the field blank it will search for all measurements
4. If you want to filter the samples only for specific area - select the area in the map via zoom and pan and check <Only samples in VIEW>. The resulted view is zoomed out a bit in order to show the area.
5. Press <Submit> and you'll see the measurements. You'll see how many samples of measurements have been found
6. Select maximum number of samples to show on map - depends on your device capabilities. If you leave this field empty then tha max number of samples is 10000.
7. You can change what thematic map (LEVEL, QUAL, CELLID, LAC, TECH) is shown by selecting an item in the dropdown box
8. Double click on a marker in order to see details of the measurement.
9. If you have a cellfile like the one used for G-NetDiag you can load it and view the serving cell line when you click on the measurement. You can try with this cellfile and measurements for MCC=284 and MNC=05. When you have cellfile loaded you will also see the height profile of the serving line. Cellfile have to be loaded every time you make a new data query for measurements.
10. The measurements uploaded online will be available within an hour

How to use Coverage Analysis:
1. Load cellfile
2. Search for a cell - type cellname in the search box and press [Search] button
3. The map will be centered on the searched cell and tilt will be filled in the tilt box
4. Press [Coverage] button and you will see the antenna main beam projection - center is red, upper part is green and lower part is blue. Also you will see the height profile with three lines representing antenna main beam.
5. Now you can change the tilt in the tilt box and press coverage button again to see how different tilt affects the coverage
6. Check [Show profile] checkbox and when you move mouse on the map you will see current height profile.

Tips and tricks:
- if the query takes a long time to load, select some filters like Technology or smaller time interval
- you can check specific cell coverage by selecting filters - Technology, LAC and Cellid
- the max number of measurements that can be visualized is 10,000. If you see that the number of samples is 10,000 and the field <MAX SAMPLES> is blank apply some filtering in order not to miss some samples.
- use <Statistics> in order to view the available operators. Push the button <Go> in order to go to the map view for this operator

Contacts: info@gyokovsolutions.com Copyright (c) 2010 Gyokov Solutions. All rights reserved.